Opalescence Whitening™  Grand Prairie, TX
Enhance Your Radiance with Opalescence Whitening Treatment

Unlock the door to a dazzling smile that lights up the room with our state-of-the-art teeth whitening solutions! At Essential Dental Care, the best dentist in Grand Prairie, TX we offer cutting-edge Opalescence whitening treatments meticulously crafted to deliver a brilliant, confident smile that stands the test of time. Years of dedicated research back our professional-grade products, ensuring you achieve safe and effective results. Bid farewell to stubborn stains and discoloration, and welcome a brighter, whiter smile that exudes confidence. Discover the transformative potential of our whitening technology today!

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Why Choose Opalescence Whitening Treatment at Essential Dental Care?

  • Proven Excellence: Opalescence is renowned for its exceptional teeth-whitening efficacy, supported by years of scientific research and innovation.
  • Professional-Grade Results: Our Opalescence whitening treatments offer safe, professional-grade outcomes, delivering a radiant smile without compromising oral health.
  • Personalized Approach: Dr. Schupert Sapian and our dedicated team tailor each treatment to your unique needs, ensuring a customized experience and optimal results.
  • Confidence Restored: Bid farewell to stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, and more. Regain your confidence and showcase a rejuvenated smile.

Back-to-School Special: Set of 10 Upper and 10 Lower Trays

Prepare to head back to school with a smile that radiates confidence! Our exclusive Back-to-School Special features a set of 10 upper and 10 lower trays, designed to fit seamlessly into your routine. Choose from our refreshing mint-flavored hydrogen peroxide solutions for a teeth-whitening experience that’s both effective and pleasant.

  • 10% Mint Flavored Hydrogen Peroxide: Elevate your smile with our 10% hydrogen peroxide solution, infused with a delightful mint flavor. Reveal a brighter, more vibrant smile for just $70.00.
  • 15% Mint Flavored Hydrogen Peroxide: Experience even greater teeth-whitening power with our 15% hydrogen peroxide solution, boasting a refreshing mint flavor. Achieve stunning results for only $85.00.

Experience the Opalescence Difference at Essential Dental Care

Elevate your smile and embrace a new level of confidence with Opalescence whitening treatment at Essential Dental Care. Dr. Schupert Sapian and our expert team are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile that radiates joy and vitality. Don’t miss out on our exclusive Back-to-School Special—contact us at (972) 641-2900 or schedule an appointment online today to embark on your journey towards a brilliantly white smile.